חוות דעת (אנגלית)

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LIKE slicing BUTTER with a hot knife, 3.9.2013 - Reviewer: Jay (Los Angeles, Ca)

i thought the S-4 was my 1 & only untill i tried ATX I JUST used it for 1st time i almost want my hair too stubble again so i can witness this GEM again...HEADBLADE products & the customer service is 100% the BEST!!

I'm sold!, 3.8.2013 - Reviewer: Chris (Dallas, TX)

I made the jump to shaving, rather than just buzzing, my head a few weeks ago. Started with the sport model but just finished using the ATX for the first time. Excellent shave, and super easy to use. I HIGHLY recommend it!

ATX Rocks!, 2.25.2013 - Reviewer: Steve Elem (Atlantic, IA)

Finally decided the hair just wasnt gong to come back last year and decided to go chrome. Had been using the HB Sport for a while and it worked well, but had to take the occasional ribbing at work about cats attacking the back of my head. My wife bought me an ATX a few months back - havent cut the back of my melon once since. Love it! Thanks Guys

what are you waiting for?, 2.23.2013 - Reviewer: John williams (gurnee, il)

I had a couple of different headblade models, the "ghost" was my jam. Was a little nervous to switch to this new system because of muscle memory I'd gotten pretty good with the older type. But after just one shave with the ATX...WOW!! A little awkward at first but could not be happier. time to step your game up .

bad bad bad, 2.14.2013 - Reviewer: Tommy (augusta, ga)

I have been a head blader for years, this is by far the worst thing you guys have made. the blade is at to much of a angle to cut the hair. In order to cut the hair you need to hold the blade down with your thumb making it hard to shave. I got a closer shave with a single blade bick razor. Go back to the drawing board and fix this problem.

Best Headblade Razor Ever!!, 1.25.2013 - Reviewer: Tim Dukery (Northern Cambria, Pa.)

I've been a headblader for about 8 years and have tried different headblade shavers! I recently purchased the new ATX shaver and it is by far the best shaver ever! Headblade has by far the best headcare products on the market! Love Headblade!!

Newly converted headblader, 12.21.2012 - Reviewer: Brent

I've tried the proglide with no success, then I found this company and there products. Well let's put it this way, you can tell the use it themselves because it works flawlessly and all the products are reasonably priced and are well thought through

Terrible Razor - Sport model is much better, 12.17.2012 - Reviewer: Brian (Niagara Falls, ON)

Pulling instead of pushing is an awkward experience and doesn't seem to make the same contact with your skin. I ran this razor over the same spot on my head 5 times and could still feel stubble, so I grabbed my old HeadBlade Sport and ran it over once and it was smooth as butter. Don't waste your money on the ATX, buy a Sport instead!

Tried it...still like the Sport, 11.22.2012 - Reviewer: Earle-FV (Fountain Valley, Ca)

Purchased and tried the ATX...I find the Sport with the blade first design works better for me and my noggin. Keep the R&D going to continue to make the best products for those of use with the clean look...remember, God only made a few good heads, the rest he covered with Hair

HEADBLADE ATX, 11.20.2012 - Reviewer: Sean (Oxnard, California)

I have the first Headblade and it was good, but you could cut yourself real easy with it. The ATX is amazing, and you get ana amazing shave from it. This just works, without you having to worry about cutting yourself, and the new blades they came out with work very well. Thanks for all the hard work HeadBlade!

ATX best yet, 11.4.2012 - Reviewer: glenn harris (danville, ohio)

As if the original headblade was not good enough. The ATX brings head shaving to a new level. my head has never been so close before. it is so much easier to shave and never a nick Thanks Todd and Headblade crew..

Limited headblade atx, 10.19.2012 - Reviewer: Robert Smith (San Pedro, Ca)

Wow I love this headblade ATX I can't wait till you guys come out with the ATX headblade limited addition

Amazing!, 10.18.2012 - Reviewer: Mark (Mechanicsville, Va)

I loved the sport but the atx is even better so smooth with the new 4/6 blades and the new design makes it so much easier to clean out during shaving. Great job head blade!

outstanding!!!!, 10.7.2012 - Reviewer: joe jackson (dayton, oh)

cant possibly get any better than this!

The ATX is just amazing!, 9.30.2012 - Reviewer: Manuel (granada hills, ca)

i love using the yellow adapter with the tripple blades, i get a closer shave and less irritation on the skin. I have always loved the sport, but atx replaced it. Headblader for life. What a great product.

One small step for Shaving. One giant leap for Baldness, 9.18.2012 - Reviewer: Tony Deane (The Mail Man) Ring Announcer UK (Leeds, Yorkshire)

The Headblade ATX is product evolution in it's purest form .It finishes off what the original Headblade started. Namely taking the once precarious art of shaving your head and turns it into an effortless ballet of depilation!

Batmobile, 9.12.2012 - Reviewer: seth (MWC, OK)

This razor is amazing, nice and smooth and no cuts, and thats with my limited movement in my hands and arms. A+ from a very happy guy.

The BEST Just Got BETTER, 9.11.2012 - Reviewer: Steve C Gilbert (Westwego, Louisiana)

I have been blading for about 6 years, and this just revolutionized the joy of 'scaping da dome. Its smooth, precise and it makes it far less a chore.

Awesome Headblade!, 9.10.2012 - Reviewer: Jeff Threlkeld (Russellville, Arkansas)

This is by far the best razor you've invented. I have 2 others and this is the best. Love the new blade direction and how smoothly it cuts.

Dually for your Dome!, 9.10.2012 - Reviewer: John Hanselman (Blaine, MN)

I received mine in the pre-production group. I used it with the 6 Blade razor and WOW!! It took a couple shaves to get used to the pulling motion instead of push, but each shave was very smooth. The 4 & 6 blade rinse nicely, no clogging.

Great shaver, 9.10.2012 - Reviewer: Nate (Sackets Harbor, NY)

Outdoes the sport by leaps and bounds. Way easier to use for shaving the face. It feels more stable on my melon.

Needs more than 5 stars!, 9.10.2012 - Reviewer: Mike Hasty (Parker, Kansas)

I was in the test group, so I've been using my ATX for a few months now. If you like the Sport, you're gonna LOVE the ATX! It's a more hand filling design, so the grip and motion feel a lot more natural. Pulling the blades delivers a closer shave with less irritation, and the new adaptor and blades let you apply a bit of pressure to get closer.

ATX, 9.10.2012 - Reviewer: Michael Terry (Hollister, Mo)

Love the new razor and gives a great shave and with the new baldes it is even better. Sending emails to all my friends that shave their heads.

Great Design, 9.10.2012 - Reviewer: Harry Smith (Londonderry, NH)

I've been a Headblade Sport user for many, many years now. The biggest problem was always the closed back blades. The blades released with the ATX solve this problem, but I'm using the ATX anyway. I do love the finger grips, and the feel of the ATX on my head. Takes getting used to the blades being out back, but I do like it better. Get one today!

Best Freakin' Head Shaver In The World!, 9.10.2012 - Reviewer: William Brumleve (Pooler, Georgia)

Been shaving my head for about 3 years now. Been using the HeadBlade Sport for all that time until the ATX mysteriously showed up in the mail. OK, a trial razor I think, how could it be better than the sport??? Duh, Blade in back, better, Bigger wheels, Better, Overall control, Better. Close shave with Sport, CLOSER shave with ATX. It ROCKS.

Great as always!, 9.10.2012 - Reviewer: joe wu (long beach, ca)

I was one of the few fortunate that was sent one for review, along with the 4 blade and 6 blade system. Well as proven before, your product is a winner! Works very well and blade cleanup took just seconds. I really enjoy the way the ATX works and looks, its the duallie for your stubble that leaves all others behind. thanks once again! gr8 ATX!

Totally new experience than original Headblade, 9.10.2012 - Reviewer: Mike Myers (Homosassa Springs, FL)

I was in the test group for the ATX. I like using it, but I still feel I get a better shave with the original. Perhaps it's because I've used HB for a decade? I'll stick with the ATX, but I'm not tossing my old one for now.

Great, 9.10.2012 - Reviewer: D Dabbs (Clinton, MS)

I was lucky to be in the test group with this model. I loved the original and originally thought "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". But, I stand corrected! It's a much more natural and comfortable shave. I absolutely love it and would highly recommend it!

Love it, 9.4.2012 - Reviewer: Kenny (Windermere, Florida)

This is just what I needed from HeadBlade. If I could of invented this item... The ATX is the perfect shaver. Thanks

The hits keep coming!!!, 9.3.2012 - Reviewer: Everett M. Gillus Jr (N. Chesterfield, VA)

I got the ATX as a pre-production model. Best shaver on the market, bar none. Simple to use and the flow thru design of the blades makes it neat and clean. Thanks for giving Headbladers such great products

They have improved a product that you didn't know needed improving., 9.3.2012 - Reviewer: Ryan (Burbank, CA)

I was fortunate enough to have been in a test group and have been using the ATX for a few months now. This product is AMAZING! The best shaves i have ever had. The open design allows easy rinsing, and it now glides smoothly over that hard to hit spot behind the ear. Been using for months and have not nicked myself once! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!